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Each year, the residents of University Student Apartments elect a Resident Council to represent the interests and concerns of the residents, and propose policy.  Constitution of the University Student Apartments Resident Association.

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Resident Council for 2019-20

Mayor:  Jodi Christensen

Community Liaison: Trevor Annis

Campus Liaison: Hayden Lott

Communications Liaison: Frances Grover

If you have any questions or concerns that we can try to help you with, please feel free to contact us at Resident Council. List your apartment and phone number on all emails.

University Student Apartments Resident Council meets regularly to discuss resident issues, plans and business items.  These meetings are open for residents to attend and are held in apartment 640 in the West Village.

If you would like a copy of meeting minutes or if you would like to request an agenda item, please contact Resident Council at

Resident Council Meeting Minutes

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Minutes for 2015-2016

Minutes for 2014-2015

Minutes for 2013-2014

Minutes for 2012-2013

Minutes for 2011-2012

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