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Apartment Availability

Apartment Availability

This page is updated regularly with current information - UPDATED 02/13/24


Cottonwood Family apartments - 1 and 2 bedroom units 

Spruce graduate student - 2 bedroom rooms

All wait list estimates are approximate. Sunnyside Apartments cannot guarantee apartment availability. For wait list policy see the Resident Handbook.  For rates please see Rental Rates. 

In order to be placed on the waiting list you must submit an application and pay the application fee.

Please see the Eligibility policy for family and student eligiblity requirements.

Roommates are not allowed in family apartments (Cedar and Cottonwood).  Roommates are assigned in Spruce-Graduate Housing units based on apartment style.

To align with Sunnyside Apartments’ mission, apartments will be assigned according to the following wait list priorities:

Family Housing - Cedar and Cottonwood applications are prioritized first by the following classification, and then by application date.

1. Student Family (Class standing not prioritized)

2. Post Doc/Medical Resident/Visiting Scholar Family

Single Graduate Housing - Spruce 

Single Graduate rooms are rented by academic year (August - May). Applications will be prioritized first by class standing, and then by application date.

1.  Single graduate students

2.  Single upperclass (junior/senior) undergraduate students

3. Post docs, medical residents (housestaff), visiting scholars

Estimated Wait Times for Student Families

The following wait list estimates apply:   

Cottonwood 1 bedroom: immediate availability

Cottonwood 1 bedroom suite: immediate availability

Cottonwood 2 bedroom 1 bathroom: immediate availability

Cottonwood 2 bedroom 2 bathroom: immediate availability

Cottonwood 3 bedroom 2 bathroom: no current availability

The University of Utah is phasing the complete closure of the Cedar Apartments.  Any resident in a Cedar unit will be notified at least twelve months in advance of their building closure.

Cedar West 1 bedroom: estimated 2-3 months or longer

Cedar East 1 bedroom: estimated 2-3 months or longer

Cedar West 2 bedrooms: estimated 0-2 months or longer

Cedar East 2 bedrooms: 2-4 months or longer

Cedar West 3 bedrooms: estimated 0-3 months or longer

Cedar East 3 bedrooms: estimated 3-5 months or longer

Estimated Wait Times for Single Students

Spruce Studio: 1-2 months or longer

Spruce 1 bedroom:  Limited availability 

Spruce 2 bedroom: 0-2 months or longer 

Spruce 3 bedroom Private Bath: No availability 

Spruce 2 bedroom Shared Bath: Limited availability

Estimated Wait Times for Post Doc, Medical Resident or Visiting Scholars   

Please see Eligibility Policy

Cedar Apartments (families only):  2-4 month estimated waiting list for Post Doc, Medical Resident or Visiting Scholar families. 

Cottonwood Apartments (families only): Immediate availability

Spruce Housing (Aug 2023-May 2024):  No estimated availability for post doc/medical resident.  

Fort Douglas:  We are no longer accepting applications for Fort Douglas.


Where am I on the Wait List? 

We are not able to provide exact numbers to students on the waiting list. We give priority to different groups of students and since we are adjusting the waitlist to reflect this priority, an exact position on the wait list is not something we can provide.

When will you contact me about an  apartment in family housing?

Since we only require a 30 day Intent to Vacate notice from current residents in family housing we don't know much more than 30 days in advance of what apartments will be available to offer to families.  Apartment assignments are generally made approximately 30 days in advance. Please review the estimated wait list times on this page.  All apartment assignments are made by email with a limited amount of time to accept.

Will you have an apartment for me on my desired date of occupancy?

Apartment availability is not guaranteed. Please refer to the estimated wait times on this page.    

When should I submit my application?

Student family applications (Cedar and Cottonwood) are accepted and offered year round as apartments become available.  

Single graduate room (Spruce) applications are available each spring for the following academic year.  Rooms are rented by academic year (August - May) with summer extensions available (June-July).

I am getting married, when can I move in?

Engaged couples are eligible to move in to family housing up to 30 days before their marriage date.

Please feel free to use the Chat feature on this page if you have further questions about apartment availability or email

Last Updated: 2/13/24