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Where am I on the waiting list? Applicants may email the Assignments Coordinator ( 30-45 days prior to their desired move-in date for an update. Read more about this at Waiting List.

Can I change my application? Changes or additions to any information on your application must be made in writing by emailing the Assignments Coordinator at Additions to apartment preferences will be effective on the date of your request.

I am a full time staff member of the University of Utah, can I live at Student Apartments?  Staff may apply and will be assigned an apartment based on the staff eligibility requirements. For more information see Eligibility Requirements and Apartment Availability.

How long is the lease or rental contract? The rental agreement is a month-to-month contract. Read more about this at Rental Agreement.

How much notice do I have to give when moving out? Residents must submit an Intent to Vacate Form to the Main Office of Student Apartments at least 30 days before their intended vacate date.

Can I transfer to a different apartment? See Transfers

 Can I pay my rent over the phone or on-line? We do not accept payments over the phone as there are security risks. However, residents can use Student Apartments online rent pay services found on the Resident Portal.

How do I report a maintenance problem? See Maintenance Problem

Who do I call when the light in the stairwell, court, or parking lot is out? Resident Assistants check these lights weekly. Please notify your Resident Assistant.

Who do I contact for eligibility questions? Send questions via email to the Eligibility Coordinator at

Can I have visitors stay with me?  Non-family visitors can stay up to two (2) weeks. Read more about this at Visitors/Guests.

How many cars can I park at USA? Based on space availability, two (2) cars is the maximum. Read more about this at Parking Regulations.

Can my visitors park at USA? There are visitor stalls located throughout the East and West Villages.  Visitor Passes may also be purchased from Commuter Services.  Read more about this at Parking Regulations.

Can I have a pet? See Pets and Animals

How do I set up my cable TV? See Cable Television

Can I get additional cable TV programming through Comcast? USA provides basic cable television services through Comcast. Additional packages are available by contacting Comcast 1.800.266.2278

Who do I call about problems with my telephone or Internet? Call the Campus Help Desk at 801.581.4000. Read more about this at Internet and Campus Network.

How do I set up my Internet or telephone?  See Instructions at Modem and Phone Instructions.

Can I install my own carpet in the South Court apartments? Yes. However, carpet cannot be attached to the floor in any way i.e. glued, “peel and stick” tiles or tack strips. Read more about this at Repairs or Alterations.

Can I paint my apartment? Read about this at Repairs or Alterations.

What do I do if I lock myself out? See Lockouts

How do I get extra apartment, mailbox or laundry room keys? You may purchase extra keys at the Maintenance Office. See map for location

How much do the washer and dryers cost?  See Miscellaneous Fees and Charges

Can I have a 220 volt dryer? See Laundry Facilities

What should I do if my neighbor is noisy late at night? Good neighbors respect the rights and privileges of others and recognize that apartment living requires each resident to be aware of how behavior in one apartment affects residents in other apartments. Read more about this in the Resident Handbook Apartment Living section.

 Can I plant flowers or vegetables in my court?  No planting is allowed except in assigned garden plot areas. Read more about this in the Resident Handbook in Garden Plots and Repairs or Alterations sections.

How do I find out about the campus shuttle services? Commuter Services has a shuttle route map and a shuttle tracker map online at Free Campus Shuttles.

How can I become a Resident Assistant? The hiring process begins in March and priority is given to residents residing in the court or tower. Watch this website and News and Views for information.

How do I reserve the community center? See the Community Centers section in the Resident Handbook

What schools are in the area? See Public Schools

Where is the nearest bank, grocery store, restaurant, park, post office, library? See Community Resources


Last Updated: 10/19/21