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Family Student Apartment Application

Applicant Information

University Student Apartments’ (USA) Resident Handbook can be found at and that the policies contained in the Handbook are incorporated into and are part of the Rental Agreement.

All applications are subject to review before acceptance. A $25 non-refundable application fee must be submitted before this application can be processed. By submitting this application, you authorize us to obtain any and all information needed for the approval process, including, but not limited to, a credit bureau report.

Applicants certify that while living at University Student Apartments he or she will maintain his or her student or staff/faculty eligibility and that only eligible family members or roommates will reside in the apartment as outlined in the Eligibility section of the Resident Handbook.

Any person that has a criminal conviction that requires registration in the National Sex Offender Registry is not allowed to live at University Student Apartments.

The University of Utah is committed to providing accommodations to all qualified students, faculty or staff with a disability. Residents or applicants for housing should make requests for accommodations in their living environment in writing at the Main Office of University Student Apartments located at 1945 Sunnyside Avenue, SLC, UT 84108 or by email at All information is voluntary and confidential.

We cannot guarantee an apartment assignment by your desired date of occupancy. Applicants are placed on the waiting list on the date the non-refundable application fee is paid.


You must accept the first apartment offered, or your application will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list.

Failure to respond to emails from the Assignments Coordinator will result in your application being canceled.

Student Apartments is not responsible for email sent to the address provided on your application that does not reach you.

You must pay the security deposit when you accept an apartment; your application will then be removed from all waiting lists.

If you cancel your apartment assignment after paying rent or the security deposit, your application will be canceled and all amounts paid will be forfeited.

Failure to pay rent for the apartment on or before your assigned move-in date is considered a cancellation of the apartment assignment and all amounts paid will be forfeited.

I understand that any false or misleading information given on this application may be grounds for dismissal from the University according to Policy 6-400: Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities ("Student Code"), rejection of the application and/or removal from University Student Apartments.

Applicant Agreement
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Eligible Applicant Information
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  3. You may apply for Student Apartments without a University of Utah student ID number. However, we must have your student ID number before we will be able to offer you an apartment. Email your student ID number to as soon as you are assigned one.

Marital Status

Co-Applicant Information
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Additional Occupant Information

In the boxes below, list everyone (not listed above) that will be living with you. For each, list relationship, last name, first name, gender (male/female), and birth date.

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Missing Person Notification Contact

Federal law requires the University of Utah to give residents of University Student Apartments the option to identify a contact person whom the institution will notify within twenty-four (24) hours of the determination that the student is missing. This contact will only be notified in the event that it has been determined you are missing. This information is confidential and will be accessible only to authorized campus officials.

University Student Apartments
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Apartment Preferences
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Smoking Restrictions
  1. Smoking is not allowed in any building or court common area managed by University Student Apartments.
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